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Day: Sunday

Date: 01. of September 2013

Location: Singapore

What can be better than wake up in the beautiful Sunday morning, prepare a nice cup of coffee, take a view of amazing Marina Bay Sand hotel and open my ClickBank transaction account…

cb4umanjeno Honest and unbiased review of 5 Figure Day

Hi folks, my name is Goran and I’m here to present you 5 Figure Day money making system.


5 Figure Day is fully automated list building system that allow you to build 1k+ list of subscribers in a few days. A fully automated cash flow siphon and it’s completely free to use.

What this system offer:

  • 3 fully optimized professional website + 1 new each month (FREE)
  • Free email collection (Aweber, GetResponse optional)
  • ExitSplash script (FREE)
  • Webmaster tool for successful promotion
  • Video turorials
  • Case study

How 5 Figure Day works?

Once you register (FREE registration), you will get your user name and password in order to log in to members area where you can find lots of tool but also your affiliate website referral link.

log in 300x205 Honest and unbiased review of 5 Figure Day

All you need to do is grab your affiliate link and start promote.



You can choose from 3 different affiliate webpage. Each one has settings option what will describe in the following text.

options 300x207 Honest and unbiased review of 5 Figure Day

So if you leave checked the box “5FigureDay” it’s default and all email collected will be stored in your 5FigureDay database. This emails you can easily extract in a file and upload it to your gmail account and send bulk email.

If you already use Aweber, you must create list, grab list ID and insert it into blank field what will open when check Aweber box. Same is with Get Responce autoresponder service.

Personally I use Aweber but it’s up to you. I highly recommend using one of mentioned autoresponder service to completely automated the process.

Box 3 represent ExitSplash script and it comes as default. For those who don’t know, this script is a pop up exit window. When someone want to leave your page, a pop up widow will show up with an message to encourage them to stay and register for 5 Figure Day.

exitsplash 300x190 Honest and unbiased review of 5 Figure Day

This is exact message every visitor will get if they want just leave the page without taking action. This is very powerful script and you can customize exit page location. I mean you can send them to any page you want, doesn’t mean to be 5 Figure day page.

This script usually cost $65.00 but you can use it for FREE.

OK, now when I explain settings of 5 Figure day, it’s time to explain how it works.


Principles of work…




Once visitor come to your page he will be prompt to enter their e-mail address in order to access 5 Figure Day. Once he did you make referral.

It’s important to understand how it system work in order to gain as much as you can from it.

Inside your member area, for every affiliate website you have power level indicator (see picture above). You need to make them all red in order to start get subscribers to your list and this is powerful.


Because other will create a list of highly targeted subscribers for you on a complete autopilot.

Let me explain better; In order to start collect subscribers to your list you MUST refer 5 members to 5 Figure Day website. Those first 5 members will go on a list of a member who refer you. Do you get me now? I mean this system is so powerful that let others build your list on a complete autopilot.

For every first 5 members you get notice via email. Once is done, all other members will go to your list directly.

Imagine you start with 5 Figure Day today and in 7 days you subscribe 100 new members. First 5 will go to a list of a member who refer you and all the rest to your list. Now, from this 95 members, first 5 members each of them refer will go directly to your list. I mean, you will get 95 x 5 = 475 new subscriber without moving a finger and this is so powerful and viral. When every of your referral bring 5 new subscribers under you, for every other you will still get chance to get them trough double-opt in.

Read about it in a mail you receive for the first 5 new referral you refer (Original message copied from my gmail account):

“Hey there! It’s Bryan Winters with 5FigureDay.com…

You’re receiving this message because you just made a
referral to 5FigureDay.com, meaning somebody joined
5FigureDay through one of your 5FD UNLEASHED

If this person upgrades (or has already upgraded), you
will begin receiving a MONTHLY commission through
Clickbank.com – for as long as they remain a member.

And if they remain a free member, each subscriber that
they refer through their own 5FD website(s) will *also*
be prompted to join YOUR list (through our “double
squeeze page” technology)… PLUS, each of these subs
will also see YOUR affiliate offer – whether it be the
5FD offer itself, or, one of the default offers that we
hand pick for the “backend” (landing page) of the 5FD
Reloaded websites. Meaning, if THEIR subscribers join
one of the backend offers: YOU get the commission!!
(Since you are the Unleashed member, with premium

…How cool is that? Imagine having 20, 50, or 100+
5FD free members actively promoting their website, but
then building YOUR business for you on *autopilot*!

…All you have to do is keep promoting your own
5FD website(s) as an Unleashed member, and this
is *exactly* what our system has been PROVEN
to do for members like you.

But it takes (some simple, but honest) work up front,
just like anything else in life! You HAVE to share your
5FigureDay site with others… But it’s pretty cool,
because your site is DESIGNED to *give away* cool free
stuff (which includes free membership to 5FD, after
which your referrals are encouraged to upgrade to

Don’t sit on this. Don’t procrastinate! Take action and
watch what this system can do. I have used a much LESS
powerful version of 5FD for over 1 year, and it works
like crazy. This is NOT some cheap gimmick. I poured my
10+ years of 7 figure Internet marketing experience
into this system to help YOU succeed. I am passionate
about YOUR success. But at the same time, my system
only works for those willing to put in some effort.
There are no free lunches – regardless of what ANYBODY
tells you!

So keep promoting! Keep bringing in those leads! The
more, the better! You’re building an ARMY of people
that will be building YOUR leads and potential income
FOR you! …For weeks, months, and even years to come!

Here For Your Success,

-Bryan Winters

P.S. To make sure our system does not get completely
bogged down, you will receive this notice for your
first five referrals ONLY. You will just need to check
your member stats, and your Clickbank account, to see
how you’re doing!!

…Also please note that as a 5FigureDay UNLEASHED
member, your benefits do *not* end after the first five
referrals that YOUR subscribers generate. Rather, you
*continue* to receive the benefits I’ve mentioned
above, for just as long as they continue promoting
their own 5FD websites!! That’s why I’m personally so
pumped about this system – because I KNOW what it can
do for YOU.”

And in few minutes after I start to promote I already have this:

gmail 300x158 Honest and unbiased review of 5 Figure Day

First 5 subscribers was in and my power level become all red. I was ready to start drive directly members to my list!!!

When subscribers are on your list you can do what ever you want with them. Can create strong follow up message encourage them to become paid member (more about this later) or you can send them some gift to thank them being your subscribers, one CPA email submit gift card offer could be good choice…

Potential are unlimited. You have the list and MONEY IS ON THE LIST!!!

Before I mention word “Paid member“. Program is FREE to use so why now this word “Paid member“? Is this another scam try to register you for free and after suck all your money?

Answer is NO!

You can remain FREE member and had all benefits of the program but if you become Paid member you get 100% of the 5 Figure Day money making siphon.

You can become paid member any time for at least as $1.00 for the first month and after that you will get billed $97.00 each month.

For someone this is maybe a lot of money but let say you refer ONLY 2 members per month and they become paid member, you already pay your monthly membership.

If you are not paid member, you can still use the system, build list of targeted subscribers but you will NOT GET PAID if someone purchase 5 Figure Day membership.

This is the only disadvantage of the system, but is this really disadvantage? Common, system gives you 3 professionally designed website and every month one new, host those website for you, integrate autoresponder form and exit splash all for FREE and only thing what is ask is $97 bucks start from second month of usage in order that you can make money promoting 5 Figure Day.

In the end I will just show you my stat just to encourage you and prove you that this system is not a scam and that people really love it.

commission 300x202 Honest and unbiased review of 5 Figure Day

 In a few days I make 1026 leads and only from my subscribers comes 751.

Oh, there is another thing I forgot to tell you about benefits of being a paid member. There is another powerful option inside members area,  subscription to a newsletter…

newsletter 300x221 Honest and unbiased review of 5 Figure Day

This one is so powerful that can skyrocket your ClickBank income. Once you become paid member, every referral you refer, if they subscribe (and will) enter in an strong sequence of already made follow up message with other powerful CB product but with YOUR CLICKBANK ID!!!

You can see there are blank field ask you to enter your Clickbank ID and you can do it ONLY if you are paid member.

This is another benefits of being a paid member.

OK, I come to the end of 5 Figure Day review. For all those who are interested in this system and who are willing to take ACTION can do it NOW, clicking on the link below:

And for all others who are in doubt read my special bonus post to see what I’m offering if you become 5 Figure Day member under my affiliate link.

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5 Figure Day Bonus

5 Figure Day big bonus day

Hi guys, here I am again, taking ACTION in front of your eyes. I don’t know if you read my FREE report about 5 Figure Day income (if you don’t I highly recommend you do). Inside the report I explain how this system works and what kind of action you need to take in order to make money.

System by itself it do everything and what only need is small ignition to start by YOU!

Here I will tell you about my bonuses…

Oh yeah…

I prepared huge pack of bonuses for you if you join 5 Figure Income under my affiliate link.

NOTE: You will get your bonuses even you remain FREE member and create FREE membership so you don’t lose a dime and you get a lot.

I trust 5 Figure Day system and you should too. This system requires work (but which one don’t) but in rewards it can make your future better. I invest lot’s of time and effort that my dream become true and only if you follow my way you will succeed.

OK, so let’s cut the crab and see what I prepare for you.

Watch the Video



Did you liked it? OK, will explain more about my huge bonus package for everyone join 5 Figure Day under my affiliate link as a paid or free member.


WEB TRAFFIC MECHANIC - Fix Your Web Traffic Problems
report 400 3 241x300 5 Figure Day BonusWhen it comes to building an online business, being able to generate targeted, quality traffic is vital to your success.
Even if you are not currently promoting a product or service of your own, but are instead involved in affiliate marketing or CPA offers, you still need to be able to generate traffic in order to create profitable campaigns.
For many new marketers, the first step in building an online presence involves creating a newsletter that targets a specific niche market.  Again, you will need to know how to generate traffic to your squeeze page in order to build your lists and monetize your email campaigns.
In this report learn how to set up a high-powered traffic funnel absolutely free!


CPA QUICK START - Get Start Making Money With CPA!

report 300 244x300 5 Figure Day BonusOn one side of the coin, a lot of people don’t know about CPA or cost per action. On the other side, a lot of people are enjoying the big profits from their CPA marketing.

If you are on the side of the coin with people who do not know about CPA, then this report is for you.

You might have encountered web pages where you will be asked to fill in a small form with your zip code or maybe your email address. In exchange for your information, you are getting freebie goods or some sought after information. If you fill up these forms then that is good and you have been encountering CPA in your life for quite a while now.

This report can be very useful because entire 5 Figure Day system lies down on collecting email address on an autopilot and is perfect to target those people with CPA offer.


TOP SOURCES FOR FREE BACKLINKS- Open The Secret Backlink Vault…

report 400 2 244x300 5 Figure Day BonusBuilding backlinks is an important part of optimizing your website for the search engines and successfully positioning yourself for maximum exposure.
When it comes to traditional “SEO”, many new marketers focus exclusively on optimizing their website with on-site SEO elements, but fail to place any emphasis on external factors, which quite honestly, are even more important in creating an optimum search engine marketing strategy.
Backlinks are equivalent to “votes” and the greater number of votes, the more significant your website is in the eyes of the major search engines.
This means that you need to build as many quality back-links as you can, while focusing on a long-term plan that will help you solidify AND maintain your position within search engines like Google and Yahoo.
This report will teach you how to dramatically speed up the entire process of creating relevant back-links and will guarantee that your link stay put – permanently.


FACEBOOK AD MIRACLE - All you need to know about Facebook PPC

report 400 244x300 5 Figure Day BonusFacebook is currently used by millions of users who log into their accounts every day to communicate with friends and family, to network with businesses and to post updates on their personal and business lives.
It’s one of the fastest growing sites online, with over 400 million user-created accounts and receives a greater number of page views every month then even Google!
With this mass exposure and incredible outreach, Facebook has quickly become the leading contender in the paid advertising scene, giving anyone serious about marketing their business the opportunity to tap into their target audience quickly, easily and most impressively – CHEAP.
In comparison with traditional pay per click marketing, the actual costs to advertise on Facebook are well below industry standard, PLUS even more importantly perhaps, Facebook actually has fewer advertisers then Adwords or other PPC marketplaces.
Learn all about Facebook ad and skyrocket your income!

I personally use a lot Facebook as advertising platform and have great result for a low PPC price.

Well, do you like my huge bonus package?

I’m pretty sure you do and if you want to grab them can be completely yours free of charge.

Only thing you need to do is take…




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Proof of my earnings

Here is some proofs of my 5 Figure Day earning

Hi there!

I just want to show you the potential of 5 Figure Day money making income siphon. I take a screenshoots from my ClickBank account from 3 consecutive days and here are results:

27.08 2013 19 results = $505.10


cb 1024x419 Proof of my earnings


28.08 2013 15 results = $478.66


 CB1 1024x351 Proof of my earnings

29.08 2013 87 results = $1,126.73

CB3 1024x417 Proof of my earnings

As you can see from the screenshots, there are big difference and huge jump of sales between day 28.08 and day 29.08. This huge jump comes when I send my first broadcast message via Aweber autoresponder service.

Great sales letter copy, little time spend to do it correctly in good  friendly manner and results come by itself.

5 Figure Day Income , , , ,

Top selling product

5 Figure Day is top selling product on Clickbank under Business and Email marketing with an amazing gravity of 321.10 (everything over 50 is worth promote).

BW clickbank first position Top selling product


This program has high potential and it’s not just one month stand.

Read my honest review about 5 Figure Day and find out what is all about



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Proud to be 5 Figure Day paid member

I just want to say that I’m proud to be 5 Figure Day paid member and that I’m taking all benefits this program have and offer.

I become paid member for as little as $1.00 for the first month and will be rebill every month $97$ until I unsubscribe.

CLICKBANK SECURE ORDER FORM 300x211 Proud to be 5 Figure Day paid member

and here is my payment form…

complete order 300x290 Proud to be 5 Figure Day paid member

I take ACTION and there is only one thing that can happen…



Take a look on at proof of my earnings using 5 Figure Day…

Click here to check my earnings>>>

Pretty impressive, isn’t it… This earnings did not come overnight but come because I take SMART action and start immediately as a paid member.

Be sure that I’m not forcing you to to the same but let’s face the truth, in Internet marketing only people who are successful are those one who don’t hesitate and grab their opportunity till is still in the air.

I am one of them!



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Why you should register on 5 Figure Day under me?

Why trust me?

When I’m interested in some product, especially money making one like 5 Figure Day is, I will definitely look about review product. Here we come to two main thing that distinguish real honest review from the one want only to suck your money.

To make honest, 100% trustable review of money making product you MUST try this product, test it, give valuable content that will help visitors in their final decision of joining/buying program/system.

Most of “self-called” IM guru make review of the product and naming it “honest” and from the description you can see they even don’t test it but promising 5, even 6 figure income.

I’m not one of them and I will prove it to you and explain you why you should trust me. In the end is your free choice if you want to join program from my affiliate link or some others.

I’m not here to force you to do it but to open your eyes and give maximum I can get in order to feed you with valuable information regarding make money online and same 5 Figure Day siphon.

Til today I review more than 20 money making program/system/software and most of them I use even now, today.

One of best program for me and it’s the one I’m using it to create this review is certainly George Brown Google Sniper 2.0.

When I first get in touch with this awesome guide most of the affiliates called it SCAM but from deep of my heart I feel it is one of the best program I ever had and used. Google Sniper 2.0 is meritorious for success of several of my pages and will be also with this one.

I made an honest review about Google Sniper 2.0 and if you are interested to read it you can find it clicking on the link bellow:

CLICK HERE and download my free report, real prove of Google Sniper 2.0 power

The prove I buy and test Google sniper 2.0 you can see on the photo below:

sniper member Why you should register on 5 Figure Day under me?

And from the photo showing inside Google sniper 2.0 members area:

sniper member1 300x229 Why you should register on 5 Figure Day under me?


Another thing I would love to show you is my desktop icon…

 me Why you should register on 5 Figure Day under me?


Very nice surroundings, what do you think? I have and I use:

  1. Market Samurai
  2. Friend Adder Elite
  3. Autoclick Profits
  4. Social Lead Fox (Very powerful)
  5. AK Elite (Brad Callen ultimate Kindle publisher Software)

As you can see I spend money on product and I really do honest reviews and this is the main thing why you should trust me.

Latest what I did with one of my combat tool is social bookmark using Bookmark Demon and you can see the result on the screenshoot below:

bd 300x216 Why you should register on 5 Figure Day under me?

As you can see, I’m testing, working, writing honest reviews making good money and enjoying my life.

00440512An2 Why you should register on 5 Figure Day under me?

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5 Figure Day Scam

Is 5 Figure Day scam?

This is main question most of you asking and I’m here now to give you an answer from my point of view.

5fdgroup scam 5 Figure Day Scam

First of all let me clear one fact:

“For most of the people who join some money making program and same program did not make them any money, they call SCAM!”

Of course if you take wrong tactic and wrong method you will fail but cannot simply blame program for this.

As I’m War Room Member of Warrior Forum, I buy several WSO (Warrior Special Offer) and I test each of them. Means, I take ACTION! Each of those programs/methods makes me money, someone more and someone less but did. I follow exact steps author describe inside and I make commission.

Few days ago I find 5 Figure Day and first what I did is look inside to see what is all about. I get to this results:

  • Newbie friendly
  • Easy to use
  • 2 minute to set up
  • 3 FREE affiliate website + 1 new every month
  • Unlimited potential
  • Free email list building
  • 100% FREE to use

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Than I start to study how entire system work and I come to more impressive results but more about it in “5 Figure day review” post.

In the end I will say:

5 Figure Day is NOT A SCAM


… and I really mean it.

There are lots of money making scam on the net and I know it but I test this program and I’m very happy to use it as I build a huge highly targeted email list on a complete autopilot.

Read my honest review post and find out all about 5 Figure Day…


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5FigureDay Income – Money is on the list!

Money is on the list

E-mail marketing has expand lately and each day more and more people are using this way of promotion for their online business. And believe me it will only expand further more in the next few years. E-mail marketing is the easiest and cheapest way of online marketing and promotion. We all know that money is in the list and there is no better way to build a list.

 the money is in the list 300x166 5FigureDay Income   Money is on the list!

So how will you build a list with e-mail marketing? Usually companies send letters and e-mails throughout the news and other online ways. This way they send their promotional materials directly to their potential buyers and believe me they make a lot of money by doing so. And best of all . All buyers that purchase something from them once, are still on their list, so they can send them even more offers, tips and commercial material for further purchases.  Do you want your own mailing list?

You have to know first what a opt-in mailing list is?

Opt-in mailing list is a database of names, addresses and e-mails of your subscribers. This subscribers are people who subscribed through your opt-in form in order to receive something that you are offering as a free gift (ebook, review, etc.) or as being interested in your product or service that you are selling. This subscribers gave you permission to email them later with any additional offers or news you may have. But keep in mind not to spam your list. Always make sure to send them only relevant offers or information’s or you will quickly loose their trust.

Discover how you can build your own opt-in list in any niche market you choose:

  • First you have to build a web site or at least a squeeze page (5FigureDay have it, build just for you, 100% FREE).  Than you will need a a domain name and hosting account to host your website on the net, make it visible (5FigureDay have all that done for you 100% FREE). And now you only need to include the opt in form and you are ready to build a list. For opt-in form you need an HTML code which you’ll get with any autoresponder service like Aweber, Getresponse, Icontact, Isoresponder, Traffic Wave etc. 5FigureDay have opt in form, done for you 100% FREE)
  • Now you have to make an offer that will attract and convert as much visitors as possible into subscribers. You have to offer something that is free or valuable. This is very important. Every single visitor has only one thing on his mind, and that’s ”what is in there for me?” And this 5FigureDay have it for you…
  • Next thing is information about opt-in and opt-out option. This information will be presented when they subscribe to your list and with every single offer or email you’ll send them in the future. Opt-out link is provided over auto responder service. This way your visitor or subscriber will now that he/she can opt out from your list anytime. Knowing that they will subscribe more likely. Again, have it for you 100% FREE

As you can see, money is on the list and 5FigureDay money making system have all necessary things to make you start in less than 2 minutes.


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5FigureDay Review – Are you ready to take ACTION?

Struggling around to find perfect affiliate product that will bring you money?

Even if you find it, you are desperate because you don’t know much about creating and publishing website…

Want to hire web designer but they are so expensive…

You are thinking to give up…

Don’t do that dude…

5FigureDay website have resolution of all of your problem.


…almost every problem!

There are one main problem remain and now is up to you to resolve. Your main problem now is…



If you are ready to do it, you are in and leave all the rest to 5FigureDay income money making system.


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A useful article about taking Action inspired by Bryan Winters

My aim was to create Bryan Winters 5FigureDay review and after made a membership and read entire guide and watch every video tutorial I find some interesting things.

Every “self called” guru will tell you IM marketing and make money online is so easy as 1,2,3 just to make you purchase his/her product and after make no money at all you will start to blame same program for your failure. Furthermore, you will start post everywhere about “scam” program and people will start avoid it.



Most of the people fail just because they was to lazy to read all information regarding program and did not watch all video presentation.

I learned long time ago that every action has reaction but if you don’t take any, there simply cannot be any reaction. I hope you agree with me.

Taking action is fundamental in affiliate marketing and Internet marketing in global. If you are ready to do it, you can be pretty sure will succeed online.

For the others I have only one thing to say:

Find another job…


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